"Classic. It's like Rick Springfield met Weezer in The Cars and had sex. Pop genius. I can't wait to see it live".

Jarod Michael Grefrath, Promoter

"...a classic rock band with so much energy they can provide Düsseldorf's Old Town with electricity for 10 days. Having no fixed drawers, a colorful mixture is brought to rock music. Hard and sometimes delicate, but always with the necessary drive. The German / Canadian mixture promises an emotional show without a lot of frills, but a lot of rock and roll..."

The Tube, Dusseldorf


ABERRATIONS are loud, exciting classic rock happening right now!

A Canadian-German hybrid blaring out of Düsseldorf, Germany!



Ian Tetrahedron LeBlanc (lead vox/drums/rhythm guitar) 

Chris Sabucco (guitars/vox)

Gustavo Algayer (bass)

Geronimo Arzt (touring drummer)