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Aberrations: Not To Be Tamed

Coolibri, December 2015 Edition

For many bands, the music of the past is the creative goal. For aberrations, in contrast, classic rock music is inspiration for their own musical vision, which can be heard on the debut album "The Wild Life". Unpredictability and humor are the underpinning pillars with which the Canadian-German quartet delivers its reputation as one of the most diverse guitar bands of the state capital.


"I wanted us to have a classic rock band," explains guitarist and songwriter Ian Tetrahedron LeBlanc. "But for some reason one cannot say that." The sympathetic listener will want to agree with him after the opener "C'mon Baby". The guitars are screeching, but what follows is anything but retro rock. "Tigers" and "Circuits" dabble with downtempo and electronica, but the prime example of the variety of sounds of the aberrations is "Crossing All The Lines": The architecture at first marked by a krautrock rocking motorik, it explodes a short time later in a booming supernova.


"It is not easy to find four people who want the same music," explains Ian. He and guitarist Chris Sabucco come from Canada, bassist and drummer Martin Hücking Tim Wagner from Germany. The accident of fate brought the musicians together in Dusseldorf. "Our understanding is crazy," said Chris. "Half English, half-German." The common languages ​​are music and humor. "The Wild Life" was recorded mostly live, with producer Lorenz Naumann who allowed the creatively indomitable band all liberties in the studio.


Their joy making their music can be heard in the grooves - not only, for example, when the straightforwardness of "Hope For The Common Man" is suddenly disrupted by merry whistling. It is "in the water", jokes guitarist Chris Sabucco, for the songs of Aberrations are the result of a musical journey, whose route is marked by the subconscious avoidance of repetitive elements.


If there is a spot on the record shelf between N as NEU! and S as Sonic Youth - it would be reserved for the aberrations. "The Wild Life" is the best opportunity to get acquainted with this exceptional band.


Aberrations "The Wild Life" Release: end of November 2015

Available in all good record shops, e.g. Hitsville and A & O Media


2419 Records, The Netherlands

A fabulous reminder of all the good things about rock music. The power, the harmonies, the creativity, the musicianship, the emotion, the guts, the glory, Full of character, full of ideas and extremely skillful, if you don't feel uplifted by this band you need a holiday. Raise your goblet to rock.


Side A

Fun time rock of C'mon baby..great opener, the Stones would do the same. I Really Don't Know is gospel glory. But then Crossing All The Lines….epic stuff. Real depth in this track, a one track journey. Fabulous Disasters is splendid, reminds me of early 70s Alice Cooper.


Side B

More Alice coming back in "It's Over", some early ZZ-Top in there too. The whole album is brilliant. It has a line through it but it's also really amazingly varied. Tigers, for example. What a track! So lush. But classy and classic. This one is the hit!

Fine work guys. Love all the heavy creative use of backing vocals.

Bang on! Magazine

December 2015 

November 2015

Real musicians are not music-making, radio and media horny contemporaries but wholeheartedly in love with exactly what they're doing. A red beating heart, which although does not strike, but the front and rear has a long, rotating, pulsating groove, people expected with the love for music and the heart for something very special, beyond the Mucke of themselves media strategically be subjected puppets. When such musicians and those people come together, it is a great happiness for all sides. And it is "The Wild Life", which can connect there. A strictly limited to 500 pieces Long grooved vinyl of living in Dusseldorf, but derived from Canada and Germany band aberration. Matter of honor is the additional digital download code, so you everywhere the successful musical trip between classic and alternative rock and a splendid broadside Psychedelic of behind animal masks (fox, rabbit, bear and kangaroo) must always and listen hiding Quartet.If you then pops up the LP cover, there is an exceptional, "animal" artwork of MONIKA Godsmark admire that reminds one immediately of Frank Zappa "one size fits all" and "Joe's Garage". Even if the music of theaberration has not very much to do with Zappa - his mind in any case somehow seems always to be on "The Wild Life" with present what one even in the video for the making of the album can be admired, provided you fit during second 15 on precisely which LP is there in the background or just ask the Sheik Yerbouti.

The young band aberration consists of a Canadian guitarist and a Canadian singer & guitarist and a bassist German and a German drummer. Seen instead of German-American friendship (DAF), the "danced Mussolini" the front of tens of years, a German-Canadian Friendship (DCR), which could sometimes dance Pogo entirely, while those which today still long hair brings are allowed to throw their mats neatly through the area. Here is not drauflosgemetalt wild, but rocked in the best tradition, with brother Indie, Alternative and sister Father psyche planting a good deal of their genes Düsseldorf quad. Around each corner there also mother Melodie smiles fully satisfied to herself, because she knows how hard it is sometimes to move between melodious harmony and cheeky rock attitude. Its four musical children in any case it have it - and that too on their first grooved appearance. A debut that, at times not to remain with the LP cover, certainly sounds after the passionate rock music old hands that feed their carrots in the garage as well as in the stadium.

With "C'mon Baby" the wild ride begins through the stylistic varieties of Rocks. And basically ends the A- as the B-side of the really available only as a vinyl disc with a heavy psychedelic-tinged song, which each time the memories of the ROLLING STONES awakens, as these indulged in their "Their Satanic Majesties Request". "Hope For The Common Man" once again comes up with an impressive punk attitude, the good cook also accommodate the "Sandinista" from The Clash could be while in stark contrast, "Tigers" as tender ballad, drenched in strings harmonies , follows the still never gives the impression slushy euphony, where you can immerse his flute in a girl who stands entirely on sentimental songs like "My Heart Will Go On", until the last Titanic sinking in lard.

THE Aberrations are a cheeky, cheerful, but quite critically-reflective tape, who not only created with "The Wild Life" music, which you can also wonderfully touching in strictly limited red vinyl and admire on its case, but which also the sense of good rock music and melodies have on German-Canadian borders far. Only one should definitely try to still drawn a red, numbered by hand vinyl. My issue is already bearing the number 397 in front of the 500! One can only hope that the four boys remain consistent and continue along the chosen path of them! So, no CDs, but vinyl plus download. A cool idea - and if the attacks, you can even leave a lot of repressing unlimited black LPs. To wish it would in any case!

CONCLUSION: An album that in 2015 only on vinyl there anno (plus MATCHING Download) recorded on analog tape and totally authentic sounding. German-Canadian youngsters on rocking nostalgia trip! Theaberration is the future of an analogue past of rock and psychedelic! [Album at Amazon]

Thoralf Koss (Info)


January 2016